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    Hi, I´m Ben. I would like to share with you Yoga, Meditation … and Poetry.


    Today there are many forms of Yoga. I try to offer a mix of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, as well as QiGong and fascial training. The aim of my classes is a stabile body and a clear mind.


    I practice the Meditation form of Zen Buddhism, also called Zazen. It has a tradition of around 1500 years. Recently there are studies of the Harvard University about its positive effects.

    RAKI Das kleine Buch


    I hold a Master degree in philosophy and write prose and poetry since early youth. My german written publications you find here. Currently I work on my first novel and organize the European Literature-fest Lit.EU.

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    What I offer

    Summers (April-October) I offer Yogaholidays, Workshops, Yoga on the beach and Private Yoga classes in different European countries. My Yoga-tour is going usually through Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland. I work for Five-Star-Hotels and internationally known Yoga-Centers.


    Winters (November-April) I lead weekly classes of Yoga and Zen Meditation, Workshops, Yogaholidays, also longer sitting periods like Zazenkai. Usually I´m in the south of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    How I teach

    Every class is different, every day new. I teach Yoga for beginners, intermediate and experienced; some of my classes include all levels (like at Yogaholidays). I do not push my students and try to find a harmony between strength and relaxation.


    I teach a mixture of Hatha Yoga, VinyasaFlow and Yin Yoga, with influences of QiGong. Also I try to involve other forms of movement, like Fascial Training.


    The aim of my classes is to promote a stabile body and a clear mind.

    From whom I learned

    I´m thankful that I have met great teachers on my journey who helped me to open my heart and bring more strength into my body. I learnt from unknown teachers and well-known teachers. Both have helped me in many ways.


    I am certified by the American Yoga Alliance (500RYT) and practice Yoga and Zen Meditation since 2007. Two times a year I visit a monastery or Zen Center to practice at a Sesshin. My teachers include Paul Haller (USA) and Shodo Harada Roshi (Japan).


    I constantly strive to develop by participating in workshops. Recently I attended a fascial training workshop, delivered by Dr. Schleip (GER), and a Tula massage workshop, by Luka Leppard (UK). In 2016 I attended workshops of Contact Improvisation, by Christina Klissiouini (GR), and a 5 day intensive workshop, by Martin Keogh (USA). - In 2017 I joined a silence retreat, 5 days long, with Paul Haller (USA).


    Since 2007 I hold a Masters degree in Philosophy and History (Ø: A).


    Still I´m learning and try to share my experiences with others. I´m happy that I brought my classes to different countries, such as Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and Croatia.

    Who recommend me



    "Ben taught Yoga classes for us in June and July 2017, the feedback was very good from all who attended his Yoga and Meditation classes; he has a calm & gentle presence and was easy to work with too and worked well with all our staff team." (Lucy Bremner, SUNFLOWER RETREATS (Casperia, Italy - Nominated as 1 of the 10 best Yoga Centers worldwide, by The Independent).




    "The feedback of all our guests and the reception was excellent. We are happy to have had him in our team and welcome Mr. Ben Rakidzija again next summer for further yoga classes." (Urs Langenegger, General Manager, Park Hotel Vitznau*****, Switzerland).


    "Our guests and myself were very satisfied with Mr. Rakidzijas Yoga classes. We hope to see him soon again!"

    (Gisele Holleis, Director of Hotel SALZBURGER HOF *****S (Zell am See, Austria)


    "Mr. Rakidzija made the Yoga-classes in our hotel very good and the feedback of our clients was absolutely positive. We are happy having him again in 2018."

    (Martina Riedl, Director of Hotel MIRAMAR ****S (Adria Relax Resort in Opatija, Croatia)


    "Ben taught in our hotel twice a day. His classes were on English and mostly for American and Canadian tourists. Ben would be a tremendous support for your hotel or studio and has my highest recommendations.”

    (Ms. Nunez, Director of TISKITA JUNGLE LODGE (Punta Banco, Costa Rica)




    "My wife and I really enjoyed the Yogaclasses with Ben." (Peter Simonischek, Austrian actor; European film price for ´Toni Erdmann`)


    "During our fantastic week at Hotel Miramar, Opatija, we relaxed, tense and ´everything` with a smile as our fantastic yoga teacher Ben has shown. It was an incredible experience for body, mind and soul. (Jacqueline and Dragan Tuka, 52/ 59, Switzerland)


    "Ben´s voice in the Yogaclasses is very calm and pleasant. It reminds me of the voice of Jon Kabat-Zinn." (Nina, 35, Sweden).


    "The yin yoga and meditation workshop with Ben was relaxing and pleasantly well-guided. I not only learned a more relaxed form of yoga with new positions but also extended my practice to a more still and observative experience letting the body sink into these positions. Bens guidance was helpful as he invited and walked us through into this stillness yoga and meditation. Gladly again!" (Tabata, 26, Mexico)



    I write since 1998, mostly prose poetry and philosophy. So far I published three little books, suitable for every pocket. You might find them in a traditional bookstore, in any old town in the south of Germany. I have readings in bookstores, festivals and hotels. Since 2019 I organize Lit.EU, a festival of literature in the heart of Europe.


    For beginners, intermediate and the curious

    ... please click on the images ...

    Island Iz, Croatia

    Island Iž, Croatia

    Island Iž, Aug 27 - Sep 2, 2017

    Yogaholidays on magical Iž Island (near Kornati Islands)! With double room, single room … or camp! Yogadeck is included. And nearby: Zadar - Europeans best destination 2016!

    Hotel Salzburger Hof, Austria

    Zell am See, Austria

    Hotel Salzburger Hof, Sep 25-29, 2018

    This is a Yogaweek for beginners and intermediate. We practice Yoga twice a day at Wellnesshotel Salzburger Hof (5 Stars), surrounded by mountains and beautiful Lake Zell. You are welcome to join!

    Casperia, Italy

    Casperia, Italy

    Sunflower Retreats, May 30-July 3, 2019

    Join us for Yogaholidays in Casperia (Region Lazio, near Rome). I will teach 6 weeks Yoga and Meditation, morning and evening classes (FRI-TUES). You can choose a week that is proper for you. - Please click on the image to get all infos.

    Park Hotel Vitznau

    Park Hotel Vitznau, Switzerland

    Park Hotel Vitznau, Jul 8 - Aug 10, 2019

    Yoga vacation at the Park Hotel Vitznau. Practice with us Yoga and Meditation at the shores of Lake Lucerne. - For more informations, please click on the image.

    Hotel Miramar, Opatija

    Opatija, Croatia

    Hotel Miramar, Aug 12-31 + Sep 9-28, 2019.

    Yogaholidays for beginners and intermediate, in the historical Hotel Miramar, Opatija. Join us at morning and/ or afternoon classes, directly at the sea, close to the wine region of Istria.

    Zürich, Switzerland

    Zürich, Switzerland

    Oct 23-27, 2019

    Yoga for writers and readers. In the heart of Zürich. 5 days long. Each morning and afternoon. Open for beginners. As part of Zürich liest, the biggest Literature Festival in Switzerland. - Coming soon!

    Bild: ENGADIN St.Moritz / swiss-image.ch / Hotel Kulm

    St.Moritz, Switzerland

    Jan 24-26, 2020

    Three days of Yin Yoga & Silent Flow, partly in Hotel Kronenhof (Pontresina), partly in Kulm Hotel (St.Moritz). The classes are open for beginners and all those who wanna be again.

    Arosa Kulm Hotel, Switzerland

    Arosa, Switzerland

    Arosa Kulm Hotel, Feb 17-March 14, 2020.

    Yogaweeks in the beautiful Arosa Kulm Hotel. Surrounded by the imposing Swiss mountain landscape, on 1850m, we will practice Yoga each morning and afternoon. Suitable for beginners and intermediate.

    Bild: ENGADIN St.Moritz / swiss-image.ch / Hotel Kulm

    St.Moritz, Switzerland

    Mar 16-18, 2020

    Three days of Yin Yoga & Silent Flow, partly in Hotel Kronenhof (Pontresina), partly in Kulm Hotel (St.Moritz). The classes are open for beginners and all those who wanna be (again).

    Berghotel Rudolfshütte, 2400m

    Under the sky, Austria

    Yoga on 2400m, Apr 6-17, 2020

    Come to Uttendorf, Austria, drive with cable car 2400m up in the mountains, surrounded by snow and sky, and practice with us, 6 days long, Yoga and Meditation. Ski and Sauna included ... On Berghotel Rudolfshütte.

    Infos coming soon ...

    Days of Silence, Austria

    Coming in 2020!

    You are welcome to days of silent meditation, away from daily life, high up in the mountains of Austria. In the tradition of Chan/ Zen Meditation we do daily sitting meditation, kinhin and walks around a mountain lake. The Days of Silence are open for beginners/ intermediate. - More infos follow.

    Article in Asana Yoga Magazine (Germany)

    Yoga journey

    Europe, May - Oct 2017

    I publish articles from time to time about my Yoga-journey(s) through Europe. Please click on the figure, who guide you to articles, written on German.


    For beginners, intermediate and experienced.

    Simply Yoga: View in the Studio

    Yin Yoga & Zen Meditation, in Esslingen (Germany)

    Saturday - Nov 30, 2019, 10.30-13.00

    In Studio Simply Yoga, Esslingen, I welcome you for a relaxed Saturday, with an introduction in Yin Yoga & Zen Meditation. After the Workshop you have time to walk in the beautiful old town of Esslingen, drink a tea and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    Zazenkai, in Esslingen (Germany)

    Sun - Mar 22, 2020 - 09.30-17.00

    A day in silent Meditation, in Simply Yoga Studio. Open for all who wish to have their first experience in a little bit longer sitting period; also open for those who wanna improve their beginners mind. As Suzuki Shunryu sais: `Zen mind is beginners mind.`


    Donation based. Open for max 15 participants.

    To apply please send a message.

    Read an Interview, on German


    Workshops in Monte-Carlo (Monaco), St.Moritz (Switzerland) and other places in Europe ...

  • Winter classes

    From Oct 2019 to Apr 2020 I teach regularly in southern Germany, near Stuttgart.

    For more informations, please send me a message.

    You are welcome to join!

  • Prose & Poetry

    I write prose and poetry since early youth. Regularly I publish little books or have publications in literature-magazines.

    Since 2019 I organize Lit.EU, a Literature Festival in Croatia, for german speaking writers.

    Would you be interested in german literature or philosophy?

    RAKI Kleine Bücher

    Click on the image and lean back ...


    If you have questions (or answers) please let me know.

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If you agree you will get monthly a Newsletter from me. To get in contact with you via email, I will save your personal datas (name, surname, email-adress). If you don´t want a Newsletter anymore, please send me a message and I will delete your personal datas.